Roasted eggplants with tahini- yoghurt dip and pomegranate seeds

Eggplant is very well liked in Mediterranean regions and it is often considered as’the king of the vegatables’, because of its versatily and great abilty to absorb the flavours that are added to it. Sadly, the vegatable is not half as popular in the US and Europa, probaly because many people dont’t ¬†know how to prepare it. And when it is not cooked right, eggplant indeed doesn’t taste very nice. The most common complaints are that they are too tough, bitter and watery, but often, this can easily be resolved by salting the eggplant before cooking it. If you are one of those eggplant haters, let me convince you with this recipe! I think you are highly missing out on a very healthy, tasty and versatile food.

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