Healthy Reese’s peanutbutter cups

Reese’s Peanutbutter cups, the milk chocolate cups filled with creamy peanutbutter, are one of America’s most beloved candy’s. But unlike what the name suggests, it does not only consist of those two ingredients.

Let’s have a look at the ingredients:


I don’t even know what PGPR Emulsifier is, and neither have I ever heard of TBHQ preservative. I decided to create a clean, but still very tastful version of this traditional treat, and the good thing is, it is ridiculouly easy to make!

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Chocolate and orange baked oatmeal

To be honest, I am not someone who hankers after the chocolate and orange combination, although it is a very classic combination. But I decided to give it a go, and combined the flavours with baked oatmeal. It turned out to be so good: sweet and tangy, suprising and subtle, that I have changed my opinion. The chocolate and orange unite exquisiteley; crispy bits of tangy orange peel gently realese their flavour, surrounded by velvety, smooth, dark chocolate flavoured oatmeal. It is a such a rich, gooey and decadent recipe and it keeps you going for hours!

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Healthy single- serving double chocolate chunk cookie

Chocolate cookies are just about everybody’s favorite cookie, also mine. I created a single- serving recipe that incorporates a healthy twist to the classic treat. This oatmeal- based cookie has a lovely fluffy, chewy and gooey center and a lightly crispy exterior and combines bittersweet chocolate chunks with crunchy cacoa nibs.

Chocolate cookie.1

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Sweet potato brownies, simply the best

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I often get inspiration for recipes on Instagram and recently I saw a lot of people baking sweet potato brownies, which immediately caught my attention, because who doesn’t love brownies? These are of course not the typical brownies loaded with refined sugar, flour and butter, but a healthy and still very yummy option. I decided to give my own twist to already used recipes, so here you go.

I must admit, at first glance, sweet potatoes in your brownie sound pretty weird, but they are great  way to add a lovely moist, fudgy and nutritious texture to your brownies. Sweet potatoes are such a nutritional powerhouse because they are packed with calcium, potassium, vitamins A and C, and they are a rich source of anti-oxidants. Sweetpotatobrownie. blog (1) Continue reading

Valentine’s chocolate covered strawberries

It has been a while since my last post, but I am back and with a new site! I wanted to launch a self- hosted WordPress blog with a personal domain name instead of a hosted blog which ends with ‘’.  As you guys noticed, I also changed my blog name. I thought that my previous name was too long and not catchy enough, so after lots of brainstorming I created ‘venividifoodie’, and I actually quite like it:) In the menu under ‘foodie’ you can read more about my name choice.

But let’s return to food matters, the topic I love to talk and write about. On my instagram you could already see my chocolate covered strawberries, the perfect healthy treat for Valentine’s day or any other special occasion. Strawberries and chocolate are such a glorious combination and a match made in heaven. Surprise your sweetheart or just yourself with this simple, but yet very elegant dessert.

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Chewy oatmeal- pear chocolate chip cookies

This afternoon I am planning to study for my exams which will take place right after the Christmas holidays, so I decided to bake some nice, healthy cookies to relieve te pain!

Never thought to combine pear with chocolate, but it is such an amazing combination! This oatmeal based cookies have a lovely chewy and chunky texture, but are crispy on the edges. The brazil nuts give a nice crunch and they provide a rich natural source of selenium. The cookies are amazingly easy to make and delicious to serve with some green tea!

 Oatmeal- pear chocolate chip cookies (2)
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