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Thanks a lot for visiting Venividifoodie! This healthy lifestyle blog documents my journey through delicious, wholesome and nutritious food and the amazing transformation that food can make in your life.

My name is Leila and I am a 21 year old Dutchie and student who loves running, reading, yoga, watching series, hanging out with friends and cooking. I have a passion for healthy food and nutrition and I love to learn about the effects of food on the human body and mind.

I strongly believe in a famous Latin quote: Anima sana in corpore sano, often translated as ‘a sound mind in a healthy body’. I think that health is a package deal, it does not only depend on eating healthy, but a good health depends on regular exercise, enough rest and relaxation, a positive attitude, sunlight and fresh air. It is important to create and maintain a balance of your mind and body because their interaction is very powerful. Food does not only fuel your body, but it also affects your mind. For example, a growing body of research reveals  that omega 3 fatty acids, which can be found in fatty fish, may help boost your mood and can treat symptoms of depression. It is a two way street: how you feel affects what you eat and what you eat affects how you feel. Think about is, most people crave comfort food when there are stressed or anxious, while your body actually needs a balanced and nutritious diet to help you stay alert, focused and energetic during times of stress.

I believe in clean and wholesome foods, which means as close to their natural state as possible. I believe in nourishing your body with fresh fruit and vegetables, legumes, whole grains, raw nuts and seeds and a limited amount of organic lean meat and fish and dairy products. I try to avoid processed and refined foods (sugar, candies, fast food, white flour etc. ), because they are filled with additives and stripped of nutrients. Regularly eating these product creates a toxic build-up that wreaks havoc on your health.

No two bodies are exactly the same, and I don’t think there is a one size fits all approach to diet and nutrition, but I do think moderation is very important. So find out what works best for you, and try finding your own balance. But always remember, you were only given one body, so embrace it and take care of it, and you body will take care of you.
I hope I can inspire you all with my recipes (all pictures are taken by me).

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