Foodie: a person with a particular interest in the preparation and consumption of food

There are numerous ways to describe a person with a passion for food and cooking, for example an epicure, gourmet, gastronaut, cuisine connoisseur or even a food lover, but right now the term ‘foodie’ is ever more popular. Everyone who likes to eat seems to call themselves a foodie, just like everyone with a digital camera considers themselves a photographer.

Therefore, many food and cooking enthusiast have mixed feelings about the word and there are different interpretations as to what it implies. To some, it is an overused term and it has no meaning. It has an air of snobbery around it and it sounds juvenile. Foodies are the people that rush to new restaurants and say that they have gone, they instagram every single meal and they follow every food trend that comes along.

The word foodie was coined in 30 years ago by Paul Levy and Ann Barr who wrote ‘The Official Foodie Handbook’. Their book was a satirical insight into the growing phenomenon of people taking an unabashed interest in food. “What is a foodie?” they asked.

I must admit that the word foodie is a bit overused, and is has not really a clear definition, but I don’t think it is a negative word. For me, I define it as someone who loves to explore food experiences and at the same time takes into account questions of origin, production, distribution and preparation. A foodie is someone who is interested in the back story of food, prefers quality over quantity and wants to learn about the effects of food on the human body. But most of all, a true foodie knows the importance that food plays in our live and wants to share his enthusiasm and passion with friends and family.

Especially in today’s society, people are often accustomed to a fast paced lifestyle that forces them to do everything quickly. We pack our schedules with activities, work or study long hours and have less time to spend with family and friends. Modern technology constantly demands our attention and there is an expectation that we should always be available at any given time of the day, 365 days a year.

Food is something that brings people together, and gathering over a meal is one of the most ancient forms of community process, as people sharing food appreciate each other at a profound level. Nourished bodies and relationships pave the way for better collaboration and higher quality work Having a meal together also provides a good opportunity for conversation in the hustle and bustle of life. Food plays such a major role in our lives: food is what every human on earth has in common, every culture gathers around food.

But please don’t take the word foodie too seriously, overall it is just a word and what a person does is more meaningful than any label they take or reject.

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