Chocolate and orange baked oatmeal

To be honest, I am not someone who hankers after the chocolate and orange combination, although it is a very classic combination. But I decided to give it a go, and combined the flavours with baked oatmeal. It turned out to be so good: sweet and tangy, suprising and subtle, that I have changed my opinion. The chocolate and orange unite exquisiteley; crispy bits of tangy orange peel gently realese their flavour, surrounded by velvety, smooth, dark chocolate flavoured oatmeal. It is a such a rich, gooey and decadent recipe and it keeps you going for hours!

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Easter Bunny inspired oatmeal banana pancakes

Happy Easter everyone! Easter falls at such a lovely time of the year: spring has sprung and plants and flowers are starting to wake up after a long, drab winter. While many Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and attend a traditional church service, it is also a perfect time for everyone, if you are religious or not, for a moment of reflexion and to spend time with family and friends. When I was little, my brother and I used to decorate eggs and there was of course always the famous chocolate egg hunt. My dad really enjoyed to think of the most obscure hiding spots (hiding and egg behind his ear!),  and sometimes we would spend the whole day looking for the last eggs, getting more and more frustrated. Thinking back, he was brilliant, but at that moment I did not like it all. Although I still would love to find easter eggs, we don’t do it anymore. Instead, I decided to make a nice Easter bunny pancake, based on oats and banana for the easter brunch.
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Apple pie overnight oats

Apple pie for breakfast, what a comforting yet refreshing way to start your day! These apple pie overnight oats have all the flavour of a traditional apple pie: slightly tender, yet crispy apple chunks, an intense cinnamon aroma, and sweet and juicy raisins, but combine them with the health benefits of oatmeal, a match made in heaven if you ask me. This is such a simple, but delicious recipe, which can be perfect on a busy morning, or can easily be enjoyed as a healthy snack or even as dessert.

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Christmas tree spinach pancakes

Pancakes are not particularly known for their health benefits. Think of butter, refined sugar, artificially flavored syrups and white flour. But you can replace all those ingredients to make a healthy and still very tasteful alternative.

This pancakes features one of my favorite greens: spinach. At first thought, spinach in your pancake doesn’t really sound very appealing, but in fact, the other ingredients in the pancakes mask the flavor of the spinach, so you don’t really taste it, but still enjoy all its health benefits. Spinach is such a nutritional powerhouse because it is loaded with vitamins and minerals (especially calcium) and extremely rich in antioxidants.

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Vegan Santa Claus inspired buckwheat pancake

Merry Christmas everyone! Christmas time  is such a lovely and wonderful time of the year. Spending time with family and friends, the twinkling lights, the nice smell of a beautifully decorated fresh Christmas tree, the Christmas cards and lots of wonderful memories, I just love it. It is a time to feel a spirit of joy and peace; to connect and feel especially close and thankful for family and friends. There is also no better time to get baking than at Christmas, so I decided to make a nice Santa Claus inspired buckwheat pancake for breakfast.

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Ovenbaked carrot cake oatmeal

Winter is coming and days are getting shorter and shorter. A steaming bowl of hot oatmeal is a perfect way to warm you on a cold, chilly morning. This ovenbaked carrot cake, based on oatmeal, is such a nutritious, heartwarming and filling breakfast and very easy to make! A crunchy top, crispy nuts, a soft and moist inside, juicy raisins and sweet carrot pieces, do I need to say more? All the different spices will add that extra touch of flavor to your oatmeal and make it smell wonderfully nice.

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